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Anita Kopacz was inspired to create the Zero campaign because she is a thriving survivor of sexual abuse.  She has utilized numerous modes of healing to reclaim her power, the strongest of which was communing with women. She took that idea and ran with it. Together, with key collaborators and inspired partnerships, she created Zero. 

"We are not telling our stories to stay in victimhood. We are telling our stories to get free. I am committed to every woman being free. "

-Anita Kopacz


A special thanks to Yvonna Kopacz, k. Neycha Herford, Khairah L. Walker, Sheila Dennis and Erica Dumas for being on this journey and making it happen!


Celebrity photographer Keith Major, donated his services to create the beautiful images you see.


Photo Credit:


Photographer- Keith Major

MUA- Tisa Howard and Kharisma Pari 

Hair- Bonnie Geronimo and Ambar C.

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